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Making Space are striving to make a difference to adults with support needs

This year has seen us paving the way for innovation across the health and social care sector. As a result, we have launched our fundraising team in the hope of raising vital funds to help the charity go even further in supporting those in need.

For more than 35 years, we have been helping adults with care and support needs – and their carers – to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Our high-quality, person-centred services and accommodation support adults of all ages, with a diverse range of needs, including; mental health conditions, learning disabilities, dementia and older people with age-related concerns. Over the last twelve months we have supported 18% more people than we did the year before, with 15,637 people across the country accessing our services.

Helping those with Dementia get legal advice

We work closely with the people we support, their families and carers, our members and a range of partner organisations, to ensure we continuously deliver services that meet their needs. We provide services in the heart of local communities, in the comfort of people’s own homes, and specialist care and support services.

Making Space noticed a problem with the way in which those with Dementia face legal obstacles surrounding understand and consent, so we are striving to make a change. Set up in partnership with the Legal Advice Centre at the University of Manchester, our Dementia Law Clinics can provide you with free legal, admiral nursing and communication support surrounding the many complex issues you may face when caring for a person living with dementia. These may include: home disputes, powers of attorney, provision of care, lack of capacity and more.

The Dementia Law Clinic is the first holistic clinic of its kind in the country

The Dementia Law Clinic is the first holistic clinic of its kind in the country, it has helped support Carol organise her mum’s finance.

Straight away, he put me at my ease.

Carol’s mum is 91 and was diagnosed with dementia three years ago. After her father, who was her mum’s main carer, sadly passed away, her condition significantly worsened, resulting in her relying on residential care. It was at this point that Carol started to struggle to manage her mum’s financial affairs.

Carol was listed as her mum’s appointee, which means that according to the Department of Work & Pensions as well as the local authority she is officially authorised to be able to manage her finances. She tried to approach the bank to order a card so she could pay the fees for her mum’s care, however, they had no idea what permissions being an appointee gave her and had to Google it! The bank eventually told Carol that she would only be issued a card if her mum’s account balance was reduced to a specific amount.

Through Making Space, Carol heard about the Dementia Law Clinic and arranged a Skype appointment with our solicitor to discuss her worries.

Carol said: “Straight away, he put me at my ease. He talked me through all the options, and recommended that I go for a deputyship, rather than power of attorney.

“Without the law clinic, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do. I’d probably have applied for power of attorney, which would have cost quite a lot of money and taken a long time to sort out. The deputyship won’t cost anything, and the law clinic did all the work for me.”

Carol has now been able to resolve this situation and she is able to care for her mum rather than worrying about the complications handling her affairs.

How you can help Making Space and others, such as Carol

Services provided by Making Space, such as the Dementia Law Clinic, allow us to make a real difference to the people we support nationwide. We want those using our services to get the most out of their experience with Making Space, so our fundraised income goes straight back out into the community to support those who need it.

Donations help us to add value to our services, by remembering us in your Will, you’ll be making a world of difference to the people we support nationwide.

If you have any questions, or just fancy a chat about the work we do, please get in touch with our team on 01925 581729. Alternatively, visit our website: makingspace.co.uk/get-involved/fundraising

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