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Geoff can’t afford to pay for Patch’s skin condition alone; could you help?

Pet patient, Patch, and his human ‘dad’, Geoff Gregg, from County Durham, are inseparable and have been ever since Geoff rescued the crossbreed pooch when he was just 12 months old.

Patch and Geoff rely on PDSA to help manage Patch’s lifelong skin condition. Every three months, Patch needs to visit his local PDSA pet hospital in Sunderland to get his vital medication (and plenty of essential cuddles too).

Geoff is so grateful to PDSA that he’s left a gift to the charity in his will. “PDSA is a lifeline to me. I wouldn’t be able to afford his regular treatment without the charity’s help. I can’t imagine my life without him and it is so reassuring to know that PDSA is there.”

“Patch always comes first,” he says. “He is my best friend and I absolutely adore him.”

PDSA provides a vital lifeline to hundreds of thousands of worried pet owners who love and cherish their furry companions but whose circumstances prevent them from accessing necessary care.

Behind every animal that passes through the PDSA’s doors, is a unique story of the bond between people and their pets. PDSA protects that by keeping them together and prevents these loyal companions from suffering as a result of economic and social hardship.

PDSA was set up 100 years ago to help the pets of owners who couldn’t afford veterinary care, and has since provided more than 100 million treatments to 20 million of the UK’s most vulnerable pets.

Today, through its 48 pet hospitals nationwide, PDSA saves and protects the lives of more pets than any other animal charity. When owners have nowhere else to turn, PDSA is there.

£60 million in veterinary costs…

It costs PDSA more than £60 million to provide veterinary care each year – money that comes entirely from generous supporters – the charity doesn’t receive any government funding.

It is gifts in wills that make up a vital part of the charity’s income. “Legacy giving is such an important part of PDSA funding,” says PDSA vet, Olivia Anderson-Nathan, “Incredibly, two out of three treatments provided in our pet hospitals every single day – including life-saving operations – are funded in this way, which is testament to our reputation as a nation of animal lovers.” She adds: “When our supporters remember us in their will, their love and kindness live on every time we save a pet’s life.” Every gift will help provide life-saving care and treatment to sick and injured pets in need.

Writing a will means that your wishes will be carried out as you would want when the time comes. It’s not enough to simply make your wishes known or to casually write them down in a notebook or stick them on a fridge. Only a properly drawn-up will is recognised by law and it will ensure that your money goes to the people and causes you care most about.

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